About Us

AboutUs_ImageMy name is Mark Buckner.  Together with my family and close friends, we raise Golden Retrievers.  My experience with Goldens began over thirty years ago when I was eight years old.  “Buck” was the best dog anyone could have.  He was a companion, a hunting buddy, a watch dog, and a baby sitter for my mother.  He went with us on road trips, boat rides, and he even tried to get on the school bus with me a time or two.  He lived a long, happy life and passed away from natural causes at the age of sixteen.  I had no reason to have any other kind of dog.

When my next “Little Buddy” came along, he went with me everywhere.  “Chance” was very light gold in color – he kind of had a yellow appearance.  My grandfather often referred to him as my “Little Yella Dog.”  Chance had big shoes to fill.  He did just that and then some!  Another, “best dog anyone could have.”  A well rounded, friendly, loving, and obedient companion.  It was with Chance that I decided to share my love for this breed with others and began to breed Golden Retrievers.

All Goldens have the potential to be as good as Buck or Chance.  Some may require a little more attention or training than others, but it’s there.  It has been bred into them for over one hundred years.  Most people that have owned a Golden will never have any other dog.

We know already that Golden Retrievers are the perfect breed of dog.  What we strive for is providing people with the perfect Golden.  All of our dogs make regular visits to the vet and we are firm believers in acquiring the proper OFA clearances for our dogs.  This is extra insurance that their offspring should not have the health issues that are most common.

We are not a commercial dog breeder.  We do this as a hobby and to share the experience of this amazing breed with others.  Our dogs are our pets and are loved and cared for as such.  They spend time with us, both indoors and outdoors.  We play ball, wrestle in the grass, and swim in the pool.

Some of our past puppies have become certified service dogs and companion dogs for people with special needs.  Occasionally, we will donate dogs to an organization that train and places these certified services dogs with soldiers and special needs children.

We raise both, pet quality and show quality Golden Retrievers and only Golden Retrievers!  Some of our dogs are at the American Golden Retriever Standard with coats that are rich in color and various shades of gold.  Others are more along the European Standard with beautiful coats of cream or luxurious white.  Call them what you want: American Goldens, Red Goldens, Yellow Goldens, Platinum Goldens, White Goldens, English Cream, or European Cream.  They are all Golden Retrievers!

It is important to us that our dogs get the love and attention that they require and desire.  We feel that this is hard to do when you have more than four or five dogs.  All of the dogs in our breeding program do not live in one location.  Some are owned or co owned by family members and very close friends so that they can receive the one on one attention that they deserve.

Our females are not bred until all of the necessary health screenings are performed and clearances obtained.  When we feel that the time is right, we will pair a female with one of our males.  We like for this pairing to consist of two dogs that best complement each other’s traits.

When the pups come, we are right there with the moms during the labor and delivery process to support and assist.  The pups are delivered in a nursery area in our home where they are warm and safe.  The pups will live in the nursery / play pen area until they move on to their new forever homes.  The pups are well socialized, played with, and pre-spoiled.  They are exposed to all of the sights and sounds of everyday life.  We spend one on one time with each and every one of them and they will have a basic knowledge of going potty in the grass.

All of our pups are fed Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy formula.  They will have all age appropriate vaccinations.  They are vet checked and come with vaccination records and documentation.  We provide AKC registration paperwork and a three generation pedigree.  Our pups also come with a written health guarantee and a lifetime of assistance and support.

Please look around the site and feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Thank you!