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Buckners Chancellor Blane
Owned by: Mark Buckner
Birthday: 11/09/2007
Breeder: Andrea Pitts

Health Clearances
Hips: OFA Final Good
Elbows: OFA Final Good
DNA Certified

Chance is the original “Yella Dog.” He has a nice straight coat that has a yellow appearance and beautiful feathering on his tail. Chance has an athletic build and very active personality.

Chance has retired from breeding and has been working as a service dog for a little while now. He caught on very quick, and his trainer said that he was “a natural.” It is an honor to have one of our dogs taking on this role. We couldn’t be more proud.



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Buckner’s Yella Nanner Puddin
Owned by: Mark Buckner and Charlotte Jackson
Birthday: 11/23/2009
Breeder: Gerald Weaver

Health Clearances
Hips: OFA Good
Elbows: OFA Normal
PRA 1: Clear
PRA 2: Clear
Ich: Clear
M.D.: Clear

Puddin has the nice medium gold color that so many people think of when describing a Golden Retriever. She has an athletic build and can run for hours. Puddin was bred from true hunting dogs that were used regularly to do what Golden Retrievers were bred for. Both, her mom and dad, were used for retrieving quail, doves, and ducks.

Puddin loves to be a mommy. She is the best mother ever whenever she has a litter. When she doesn’t have puppies, she runs the show with the other adult dogs.


Solya Picture

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Tramin Sole Mio
Owned by: Mark Buckner
Birthday: 11/20/2014
Breeder: Elena Ushan

Health Clearances
Hips: FCI AA
Elbows: FCI O:O
Eyes: FCI Clear
Heart: FCI Normal
PRA 1: Clear
PRA 2: Clear

Solya is a European Import that came to us as an adult. She is out of the well known Tramin Kennels in Ukraine. Ms. Lena Ushan has allowed us the opportunity to bring this girl into our home and our breeding program and we thank her so much.

Solya has the perfect European conformation. She has the boxy, thick bone structure with a broad face and snout. She almost looks like a boy. Her personality and demeanor are awesome! She is full of adventure and loves to play.